Women’s tennis team attempts 12th championship at Gold River

State Hornet Staff

On the quest for pursuing its 12th consecutive Big Sky Conference title, the Sacramento State women’s tennis team is ready to continue to write its name into the history books as it gears up for this year’s conference tournament April 26-28 at the Gold River Racquet Ball Club in Sacramento.

Having already expanded an 11-year-old conference winning streak that dates back to March 26, 2002, to an unprecedented 101 straight victories this season, solo senior and No. 1 player Rebeca Delgado said she is confident in this year’s squad to get the job done. 

“This year, I am really excited and looking forward to the conference tournament,” Delgado said. “It is my favorite tournament all year around. I am really looking forward to becoming the MVP of the tournament in my final year. We know the teams can play. They each have a racket and know how to run the court – but we are confident in ourselves to prove we are still better than them.”

As far as any of the players feeling the pressure to win, junior Sophie Lohscheidt said many of her teammates – including herself – have been able to channel the pressure into an added benefit that will only help them in the tournament. 

“For me, I think pressure is good because you get more focus and want to win,” Lohscheidt said. “If you think it is too easy, you don’t take it that (seriously). So, it is important to tell yourself that it is kind of tough, so you don’t lose focus.”

Delgado said if any Hornet were to lose focus and feel the pressure come onto him or her, the added advantage of the tournament being held locally in front of a home crowd will ease the pressure. 

“I cannot wait to hear the support from the crowd,” Delgado said. “We have waited all year for this.”

Freshman Olivia Boija, who will be experiencing her first taste of tournament action, said she is ready to continue the winning tradition. 

“I am pretty confident in knowing the freshmen now can continue the streak (for years to come),” Boija said. “If we still practice as solid as we have done and work on our fitness, I don’t see us losing. I hope I can show that with my level of play in this year’s tournament.” 

Hornets’ head coach Dima Hrynashka said he hopes every player can come into the tournament feeling refreshed mentally and physically. 

“We are ready to play,” Hrynashka said. “But it is important that we are healthy. All season, they worked hard and know what to do in doubles and singles, so I am not worried there. I am more worried about the importance of them staying healthy, positive and capable of showing their best game.”


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