Double Coverage: Women?s football league should showcase talent not skin

Cassie Kolias

Cassie Kolias

I found the reason why female athletes are not taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

It’s called the Lingerie Football League. It’s an actual league of 10 football teams made up of women.

Since women have been fighting for rights, all that they have ever wanted was to be equal. But honestly, women won’t be considered equal until they stop competing in male chauvinistic creations like the LFL – created to basically make every man’s fantasy come true.

Yes, I know that sex sells. And yes, I know that these women clearly choose to be scantily clad playing full-contact football. But the point still remains that why are there wannabe Playboy girls bending over and tackling each other, and why are we considering that a legit sport?

I’ll bet the September issue of Playboy is their media guide.

I am definitely game for having a women’s football league. But the one requirement I have is that they be wearing more than cheek-revealing panties and a garter on their thighs.

There have even been accusations that the league has been fining players for wearing too many clothes. The fine, which is in the standard player’s contract, is $500 if a woman wears any “additional garments” underneath her uniform.

So basically the reason for that was that the league didn’t want women wearing bras or underwear because it would take away the times that players were exposed due to play?

Women should not have to strip down to their unmentionables for people to take notice of the athletic talent these women obviously possess.

Many of the women who make up the 10 LFL teams have backgrounds in competitive sports, and come from a college or semi-pro background, so they can’t just make the cut based on their cup size or how well they fill out booty shorts. If they didn’t have athletic abilities to go with the beauty, the whole league would just be a joke.

Oh wait, it already is.

Since the games can usually only be viewed through Pay-Per-View, they might as well have these women strip down and tackle each other a lot while they attempt touchdowns. They are a mud pile and a heavy rain away from the best porn ever. Cue the rain and bring in the mud.

The league also lends itself to many different marketing strategies. I mean they even have a beer pong table featuring the nearly naked players and team-specific pong balls that you can buy. Christmas gift for your mom? I know she’s a fan. A cardboard cutout for your uncle? A calendar for your grandma? Game-worn jersey for your pops? You can get all your Christmas shopping done in one place.

I am by no means a prude, but how can a league be taken seriously with names like the Philadelphia Passion, Denver Dream, Dallas Desire, Los Angeles Temptation or the San Diego Seduction? Who knows, we could welcome our very own LFL team. Sacramento Sleaze, anyone? Well, you couldn’t get much more sexist, that’s for sure.

The mastermind behind all this sexism, LFL founder Mitchell Mortaza, was a former contestant on “Blind Date.” He has admitted in the Orlando Weekly that the league was created for the enjoyment of “mostly beer-drinking college students aged 21 and up.”

It’s really sad that the only ways these women can play football professionally is by doing so in their panties, and by grabbing at each other’s butts and boobs. If you don’t believe me, there are plenty of photographers at each game capturing each and every grab, and in many of them the player’s face isn’t even included.

The pathetic thing is the players also really believe people take them seriously. Sorry sweetie, but your fans could actually care less if you even had a face.

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