ASI candidates ‘Kick it to the Ballot’

Marshall Hampson

The two opposing student organized political parties running in the 2010-11 student election spent Wednesday afternoon playing sports in the quad to promote voting to students.

The candidates from Team Impact and The Movement played Ultimate Frisbee and soccer against each other as a part of its spring election day promotion, “Kick it to the Ballot.”

ASI President Candidate Terry Martin said he hopes activities like “Kick it to the Ballot” will help promote the parties.

“We’re not just running a campaign against each other. While were all running against each other on certain positions and on different platforms, we can all get together and have fun in the end,” Martin said.

The promotion also gives students a chance to meet the candidates from both parties and learn about the issues both sides are covering.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Candidate Yeimi Lopez currently holds the position of Director of Undeclared Major. She said students much more aware of the campaigns this year.

“We wanted to run a campaign that involved the students,” Lopez said. “During my first year it felt like it was completely disconnected from the students.”

Lopez said there was only one candidate for most positions last year, but due to the promotions like “Kick it to the Ballot,” all positions have multiple candidates running.

Election will be held April 27-28 at four locations on campus. Students can also go to to vote for their favorite candidates.

“The common ground is that we all want to fight for a better Sac State,” Martin said. “We’re not a niche group. We want to fight for a better campus together as a team.”