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Long snapping: an underrated position on the football field

Joe Davis

November 20, 2013

Before the fans can cheer after a place kicker splits the uprights on a game-winning field goal or a punter pins the return team deep in its own territory, it all starts with one man – the long snapper.“Being back there as a punter or kicker, wondering where the ball is going to go before you punt o...

Sac State teaching credential program sees large number of graduates become coaches

File photo

Joe Davis

December 5, 2012

Greatness does not always have to be an innate quality. In the right environment, greatness is a trait that can be learned. Top-notch coaches and athletes can oftentimes be traced back to a particular lineage. In the NFL, former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh’s coaching tree includes Mike Holmgren, Mike ...