Artist beabadoobee brings chill, alternative melodies to Ace of Spades

The bedroom pop singer played a sold-out show


Jenelle Lum

Beatrice Laus, known as her stage name beabadoobee, takes the stage at Ace of Spades for her sold-out show Friday, April 22, 2022. She said she scheduled the tour date between her Coachella performances.

Jenelle Lum

On a sunny Friday evening, fans waited outside of Ace of Spades in Sacramento in a line stretching all the way down the R Street block and wrapping around the corner. 

A booth for merchandise was to the left of the venue and fans quickly got in line after their tickets were scanned at the door. T-shirts and sweaters were displayed with designs inspired by popular trends from the early 2000s.

Beatrice Laus, known by her stage name beabadoobee scheduled a headline date in Sacramento in between her performances at Coachella with her opening artist Hannah Bussiere, who goes by the stage name Luna Li.

Fans were preparing to see the alternative pop artist at her sold-out show. They wore a wide range of Y2K fashion like various grunge-style outfits to fit with the artist’s aesthetic. 

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“I just love being around the energy that’s in concerts, especially with beabadoobee because she’s one of my favorite artists ever,” Sydney Galvez, an attendee from Roseville said.

Once everyone was let inside the dimly lit venue, Bussiere first took the stage with original music including “Silver Into Rain,” which features Laus on her album “Duality.” 

Hannah Bussiere, known professionally as Luna Li, and her band open for Laus at Ace of Spades Friday, April 22, 2022. Bussiere plays the violin in some of her songs, including the instrumental “Cloud Castle.” (Jenelle Lum)

Bussiere’s vocals led the song as she switched between playing the guitar and the violin throughout the performance. She played “Cloud Castle,” an instrumental song that is heavy on the violin.

Fans toward the front row screamed words of praise for Bussiere and bassist Sabrina Sztainbok throughout their set. The audience continued to show enthusiastic adoration for the duration of the concert. 

After Bussiere exited the stage, it was a short while before beabadoobee’s performance. Fans cheered and clapped as they saw stage managers setting up the equipment for her set.

Beabadoobee opened with “Worth It” from her album “Fake It Flowers.” The song is an alternative piece with a more upbeat sound from the drums.

She followed those up with “Together” and “Care” from the same album, which are both in the bedroom pop style she normally writes. 

Beabadoobee asked the audience if she sounded good, revealing to them that she had been feeling ill before performing on stage. Despite this, she sang with very few breaks between songs.

Occasionally she said “hi” to the audience and said she felt nervous about speaking.

“Seeing you guys having fun in the crowd honestly means the world to me,” Laus said in an Instagram story after the show. She said that touring can be a challenge for her physically and mentally, but that her fans keep her motivated.

When beabadoobee performed her new song “Talk” from her upcoming album “Beatopia,” the crowd sang the lyrics in unity and moved closer to the stage.

Fans cheered for her and her band as they performed the  song “Charlie Brown,” which switches from a steady pace to a faster one when she sings the chorus.

Adoring fans rushed to the front to see Laus perform at Ace of Spades Friday, April 22, 2022. Beabadoobee asked the audience if she sounded good, revealing to them that she had been feeling ill before performing on stage. (Jenelle Lum)

Beabadoobee switched her electric guitar for an acoustic one to play “Coffee,” one of her most popular songs, as part of the encore performance. It is a slow-paced song that was sampled in “Death Bed (Coffee for your Head)” by Powfu and recently went viral on Tik Tok. 

Autumn Diemert, an attendee who lives in Sacramento said the show was a great experience. 

“Ace of Spades is great, beabadoobee is great,” Diemert said. “It was really fun.” 

Beabadoobee is set to tour with Halsey in May and June and will play various festivals throughout the summer. Her album “Beatopia” will be released on July 15.