Is your favorite Halloween candy good, bad, inedible or just ‘mid’?: STATE HORNET BUZZED


Robbie Pierce

Graphic made in Canva

On this week’s spooky episode of Buzzed, we rank the most popular Halloween candies on a tier list to see which treats are the best and which ones are inedible.

This week’s panel argues over how edible candy corn is, which classic candy bars are considered “mid” and which candies make kids happy or sad when trick-or-treating.

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Editor’s Note: We are not responsible for the anger or confusion you may feel listening to these rankings. The panel acts alone and without outside guidance (unfortunately).

This week’s panel: Newsletter editor Isabelle Juarez, news editor Camryn Dadey, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion editor Emma Hall, visuals editor Ayanna Williams and arts and entertainment staffer Zachary Cimaglio

This is the panel’s definitive ranking of popular candies. Are they right or wrong?

Music: Halloween Theme 1 by Alexander Nakarada