Astrology signs — a fun way to connect with friends or completely pointless?: STATE HORNET BUZZED


Robbie Pierce

Graphic made in Canva

Buzzed, The State Hornet’s variety show, returns for a third semester, and allows rotating panelists the opportunity to debate and discuss any topic, from food, to Marvel to Halloween stories. It’s time to get Buzzed!

This week’s panel debates the usefulness and impact astrological signs and charts have on our daily lives, and whether they are worth the time trying to understand and compare each other’s signs.

Also, the greatest rivalry between Camryn and Jordan takes more unexpected turns.

Editor’s Note: Jordan Parker does not speak for all men even if he claims he does.

This weeks panel: Digital editor Mercy Sosa, Editor-in-Chief Jordan Parker, managing editor Magaly Munoz, audience engagement editor Kaylin Flatland and news editor Camryn Dadey

Music: Jellyfish in Space by Kevin MacLeod