OPINION: Spongebob’s top 5 most underrated songs

Shelby Tolly

SpongeBob SquarePants is a whole-hearted innocent being down to his core who holds many talents besides cooking. He has been known to be the best fry cook, friend and jelly fisher — but what he is underappreciated for is his singing. 

This yellow sea sponge is blessed with the gift of smooth butter vocals that make The Weeknd sound like nails on the chalkboard in comparison. Although he doesn’t have any fashion sense whatsoever, he does carry our generation’s singers on his back and it’s time we talked about it and relieve his back pain.

To showcase this I list my top, yet underrated, songs from him. 

“This Grill Is Not A Home”

“This Grill Is Not A Home,” a duet done by SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs, is a parody of “A House is Not a Home” by Dionne Warwick. SpongeBob’s version goes beyond a soulful ballad, bringing out emotions you thought you never had. You feel the love SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs have for each other, the kind of love a father and son share. These emotions Warwick just cannot produce. If this song doesn’t make you cry while singing along, then do you really have a soul?

“Sweet Victory”

“Sweet Victory,” an American anthem from the underdog, SpongeBob, is reminiscent of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” That sweet voice is reminiscent of biscuits and gravy on a Saturday morning. With the confidence that just spills out of this sea sponge and the way he points at the 0:53 mark of the video, I couldn’t help but want to drop everything and live underwater in his pineapple home. There was even a chance for a full “Sweet Victory” performance to happen at the Super Bowl in 2019, but Adam Levine disgraced our god, SpongeBob — this tragic event is why I go to therapy every week.

“Goofy Goober Rock”

SpongeBob performs “Goofy Goober Rock” as an alternate version of “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister. The song is so powerful that it literally frees the Bikini Bottom citizens from capitalism mind control created by Plankton. A rock song that frees people from capitalism’s grasp? That is the ultimate rock song and the Holy Bible of all rock songs. Sure, this showcases SpongeBob’s multi-faceted angelic voice, but it also shows that he can handle an array of instruments — one of them being his own nose as a flute. Name one artist who can do that, I’ll wait!

“Ripped Pants”

We obviously cannot leave out the first SpongeBob song, “Ripped Pants.” This song is similar to The Beach Boys’ song, “Be True to Your School,” but what The Beach Boys lacked is this yellow sea sponge’s drip. The Beach Boys are just that — boys compared to SpongeBob, the man. SpongeBob performs the song using an acoustic guitar made out of sand — his singing and musical talents are so transcendent that he can mold sand into a guitar and actually produce music from it. I can’t be the only one astonished by his artistry.

“F.U.N. Song”

SpongeBob has not only an angelic voice that beats even Susan Boyle’s lackluster singing during the “F.U.N. Song,” he convinces Plankton to sing along and for a short time change his world dominating ways. Although eventually Plankton reverts back to his evil-doing self, you can’t help but wonder if SpongeBob’s voice has the capability to stop war.