EDITORIAL: Making your future starts with casting your vote


Photo illustration by Claire Morgan - The State Hornet

As Election Day fast approaches, it becomes more vital to not only be aware of the issues on the ballot but to actually vote as well.

As citizens in the United States, our Constitution is based on the right to vote for who we want and what we want to change, and it would be silly to not take advantage of this right.

In 2016, only 46.1 percent of eligible voters between the ages of 18 and 26 years old voted in the presidential election, compared to the 70.9 percent of eligible voters over 65 years old. It’s inexcusable to have such a difference in voter turnout between these generations.

The future of America, more and more, is looking uncertain. Climate change issues are continuing to grow, and legislation in most states outside of California is reversing progress made under the Obama administration.

Social issues in our country continue to concern as well. America is approaching a boiling point — one where it will need to decide on issues including transgender rights, immigration policies and citizenship in general.

This is the time where, instead of going on social media and complaining about what’s wrong, college students absolutely need to make their voices heard through their ballots.

This generation should want to be motivated to set its future by voting now and not allowing an older generation to decide the future for them.

People should take the frustration behind their complaints and use it as motivation to be civically active. Not everyone has to protest, attend city council or run for office. But elections are the time of year that gives all citizens a voice.

Elections also need reform. Other democratic countries with voting weekends or weeks, as well as mandatory voter registration, regularly receive higher voter turnout. Elections with higher participation more accurately reflect the country’s diversity and opinions.

Sacramento State now has a voting center in Modoc Hall, which allows drop-off ballots along with voting in person and same-day voter registration; not voting because you are stuck on campus or do not have time is no excuse.

It’s up to us as a generation to decide our own future and not allow any other age group to decide it for us. The resources are right with help from the campus, and it is now on us to come out and make our voices heard.