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Administration faces challenges in implementation of tobacco-free policy

Ashley Hurtado April 27, 2014

While a new tobacco-free policy is set to take effect in fall 2015, Sacramento State faces challenges in the early planning and development of a comprehensive policy.Director of Presidential Communications...

CVS Pharmacy ceases sales of tobacco products

State Hornet Staff March 13, 2014

CVS Pharmacy announced in February they will no longer sell tobacco products beginning in October.This is a step in the right direction and will hopefully create a movement in the pharmaceutical community...

E-cigarettes should be regulated like regular tobacco products

State Hornet Staff February 4, 2014

Electronic Cigarettes are bad because it is still smoking.Tobacco company Lorillard Technologies, known for making Newport cigarettes and creator of the blu e-cigarette , is using commercials to advertise...

New tobacco-free policy stirs controversy

State Hornet Staff January 28, 2014

Some students and faculty members remain in opposition of a new tobacco-free policy at Sacramento State.After last semester’s campaign led by the student-run organization, Hornets for a Healthy Hive,...

Designated smoking areas needed on campus

Natalie Gray May 10, 2012

A majority of public buildings in the country, with a few exemptions like casinos, are smoke-free indoors. Seems obvious since the ‘50s when it was acceptable to smoke pretty much anywhere. The laws...

New cigarette labels won’t deter smokers

State Hornet Staff September 6, 2011

The government really wants you to know that smoking cigarettes will harm you and give you lung cancer. Because of course, smokers do not know that and think cigarettes are filled with vitamins and minerals....

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