Sac State students hoping for new CSU Chancellor to address campus safety

Hornets voice their opinions for potential Castro replacement


Peyton Sorosinski

(L-R) First year biology major Alanna Vang, fourth year political science major Luis Gasca, history graduate student Andrew Modder on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023. All three students expressed their wants for a new California State University Chancellor. (Photos by Peyton Sorosinski, Graphic made in Photoshop by Chris Woodard).

Tierra Tilby and Peyton Sorosinski

In response to the California State University system searching for a new chancellor, Sac State students said they want the next Chancellor to address campus safety, sexual assault and improve communication.  

This comes after the resignation of former Chancellor Joseph I. Castro last year following a USA TODAY report that he mishandled sexual harassment and assault complaints against a former employee. At the time of the reported incident, he was the University president at Fresno State. 

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The search for a new CSU chancellor will be under confidentiality for both candidates, similar to Sac State’s new president search, interim CSU chancellor Dr. Jolene Koester said during one of the search forums on Feb. 9. 

Communication is an issue, said Andrew Modder, a second year history grad student. He said he hopes that improves with a new CSU chancellor. 

“[They need to be]  transparent with everybody,” Modder said. “Especially because with him or her taking over, there is going to be a lot of questions about that specific person, especially with how the other one had to resign.” 

Alanna Vang, a first-year biology student said she hopes the next chancellor is a woman of color. Additionally, Vang said she wants the several sexual assaults to be acknowledged at a system-wide level. 

“[I want] someone who really talks about and spreads awareness for sexual assault on campus and doesn’t hide it.” she said.

Safety for students on campus was a concern for Luis Gasca, a fourth-year political science major, who says he hopes a new CSU chancellor can ensure student safety. With sexual assaults on campus, antisemitic graffiti and recent protests from Feb. 13 prompted by the presence of an anti-abortion group Project Truth and several Christian organizers, Gasca said student protection is a priority for a new chancellor.   

“What comes to my mind right away is to care about the students and their safety,” he said. “I know students here at Sac State come out late and there are still dark spots on campus.”

Anyone with questions, comments or nominations for CSU chancellor visit or email [email protected].