March Madness 2021: Most binge-worthy TV shows

32 shows, but there can only be one winner


Chris Wong

The State Hornet’s 2021 March Madness picks for most binge-worthy TV shows. Categories were made up from streaming services like Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+ and more. Graphic made in Canva.

Magaly Muñoz and Nijzel Dotson

We’ve been trapped in our houses for almost a year now with nothing but time on our hands. Throughout quarantine, some people sparked their inner creativity and have taken up knitting, baking and writing. But let’s be honest, most of us have spent all our time watching every possible show we can to forget about the inevitable gloom this pandemic has brought.

The State Hornet has curated a list of the most binge-worthy TV shows and separated them into a March Madness-style bracket based on the different services they stream on. “Binge-worthy” is the key term here, while some newer shows made the cut, we tried to focus on ones that are considered truly classic and have plenty of seasons to entertain you for a long period of time. As a way to reward the most bingeable shows that have truly stood the test of time, we made sure that shows with less than three seasons were seeded lower in the bracket. 

Below is our list of the most binge-worthy shows to watch, how you can follow along and where to vote for your favorites.

The Bracket

(Updated Sunday, April 8, 2021)


Make sure to download the bracket and fill it out with your picks as we move through the different matchups each week!

How to vote

Voting will be available one day for each matchup on our Instagram (@statehornet) and two days on our Twitter page (@TheStateHornet) starting Wednesday, March 10. You can vote for all the quarterfinals matchups in the Google form at this link or below.

The Schedule

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Finals matchup

Wednesday, April 8

Avatar vs. The Office


Finals results: Saturday, April 10

Semifinals matchups

Sunday, April 4

Avatar vs. Rick & Morty

Kim Possible vs. The Office


Semifinals results: Wednesday, April 7

Third-round matchups

Monday, March 30

Netflix: Breaking Bad vs. Avatar

HBO Max: Friends vs. Rick & Morty

Disney+: Kim Possible vs. WandaVision

Miscellaneous: The Office vs. Parks and Recreation


Quarterfinal results: Friday, April 2


Second-round matchups

Sunday, March 21

Netflix: Breaking Bad vs. Grey’s Anatomy

HBO Max: Friends vs. The Sopranos

Disney+: The Mandalorian vs. Kim Possible

Miscellaneous: Parks and Recreation vs. Atlanta


Tuesday, March 23

Netflix: Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. Naruto

HBO Max: Batman: The Animated Series vs. Rick and Morty

Disney+: The Proud Family vs. Wandavision

Miscellaneous: The Office (Peacock) vs. The Handmaid’s Tale


Second-round results: Thursday, March 25


First-round matchups

Wednesday, March 10

Netflix: Breaking Bad vs. Bridgerton

HBO Max: Game of Thrones vs. Batman: The Animated Series

Disney+: The Simpsons vs. The Mandalorian

Miscellaneous: The Office (Peacock) vs. This is Us (Hulu)


Friday, March 12

Netflix: Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. New Girl

HBO Max: Friends vs. Euphoria

Disney+: Hannah Montana vs. Wandavision

Miscellaneous: The Bachelor(ette) vs. Atlanta


Sunday, March 14

Netflix: Criminal Minds vs. Naruto

HBO Max: The Wire vs. The Sopranos

Disney+: The Proud Family vs. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Miscellaneous: Parks and Recreation vs. Attack on Titan


Tuesday, March 16

Netflix: The Walking Dead vs. Grey’s Anatomy 

HBO Max: South Park vs. Rick and Morty

Disney+: That’s So Raven vs. Kim Possible

Miscellaneous: Snowfall vs. The Handmaid’s Tale


First Round Results: Thursday, March 18

Online voting

On mobile or being asked to sign in? You can also vote at this link.