Q&A: Bobby Brackins’s new song unintentionally reminds people to stay clean

‘Wash My Hands’ features Marc E. Bassy, Collett and August 08


Bobby Brackins portrait posted on Dec 23, 2019 via his Instagram @bobbybrackins. Photo courtesy of Bobby Brackins

Piper Haitsuka

Grammy-nominated artist and Bay Area native Bobby Brackins, who also performs under Lata Harbor, released a new song called “Wash My Hands” featuring  Marc E. Bassy, Collett and August 08 last month

Since then, the song has been jokingly referred to as one of the top COVID-19 anthems.

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Brackins, a recording artist, songwriter and filmmaker, spoke with The State Hornet via email and Instagram direct message about his latest single and career.

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Question: What is the inspiration behind this song and how is it related to COVID-19?

Answer: “Wash My Hands” is a song about wanting a clean slate from a toxic relationship, but I wanted it to subconsciously serve as a reminder for everyone to wash their hands frequently during these uncertain/(crazy) times. 

Q: Was the release date of the song ironic or unintentional?

A: Unintentional, just wanted to get it out to the people to vibe with as soon as possible. 

People need good music especially while cooped up inside the house. [Brackins is] trying to bring awareness with a good song, not fear.

Q: Do you believe the panic around the coronavirus is justified? Should people be as scared as they are about the virus?

A: Some people still aren’t taking it seriously and go out casually and are (potentially) spreading the virus. Panic is not necessary but awareness is. Look at what is happening in Italy,  and people are still going on hikes and to the beach like it’s the thing to do. If we don’t want this virus to continue to control our lives then we need to stay inside and only go out for essentials and that doesn’t mean going to the grocery store every other day. People shouldn’t be scared but they should be smart.

Q: What can college students take away from this song?

A: Try to make the most out of an undesirable situation.

Q: How did you come up with the name ‘Lata Harbor’?

A: My grandpa had a boat, him and my dad loved to set sail. My dad would take me on his friends boats and I always found peace being on the water. Lata Harbor is an expansion and evolution of everything I’ve been working on with a more anchored sensibility. Lata harbor embodies the collaborations that I am most proud of and will be flowing more music out to the world.

Q: How did it feel being nominated for a Grammy?

A: Things happen so fast sometimes you don’t even realize the moment until it’s passed. I was thinking in my head like this is cool, but will probably start happening every year from now on, that wasn’t the case lol. 

Q: Which song are you most proud of that you wrote?

A: It was fun watching “2 On” climb, Tinashe had just started releasing singles under her RCA deal. Drake hopped on it and did a verse and sang the hook and made the song even more universal. It was cool to see the process unfold. Tinashe sent me a picture of Kylie (Jenner) having a line from the song in her caption when it first came out then weeks later Drake hops on it. Was a cool evolution.

Q: Describe your journey to fame. What was the process of getting your music out into the world like?

A: Well I wouldn’t say I’m famous but the songs I’ve written are and my name is popular. It’s just all a rollercoaster. Lots of ups and downs, but nevertheless I’m enjoying the ride. Getting music out there changes year by year. There is always a new platform that is important to use and there are always new ways to get songs heard. It’s a forever evolving process. Who knows how music will be digested 5 years from now. Radio played a heavy role in my friend’s songs getting out. Now people are very interested in playlist and DSP placements. 

Q: What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to writing songs?

A: Honestly I love it. It’s not really a challenge for me to come up with melodies or lyrics or concepts that I’m proud of. The biggest challenge is finding the songs the (right) home. And releasing songs strategically.