SHIAVON’S JAWN PODCAST: Do you know if your daughter is riding a horse?


Shiavon Chatman and Will Coburn

Shiavon sits down with opinion writer Magaly Muñoz to talk about the backlash regarding rapper  T.I.’s policing of his daughter’s body. T.I. was featured on the podcast “Ladies Like Us” where he talked about his controversial parenting style.

He said he attends his daughter’s yearly checkup with her gynecologist and demands proof that she is not having sex by asking if her hymen is intact. Shiavon and Magaly also talk sex positivity, the “sex talk” in Black and Brown communities and the policing of women’s bodies. 

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Will Coburn – The State Hornet
Shiavon Chatman and Magaly Munoz recording the eight episode of the Shiavon’s Jawn Podcast. Listen as they discuss rapper T.I.’s policing of his daughter’s body.