Strong is the new skinny

Avery Hulong

A healthy woman can come in all shapes and sizes. Although we may often strive to lose some weight in the gym, a healthy body is not always a size zero. The reverse is also true: a skinny body is not necessarily a healthy one.

It is time to change our perspectives as to what constitutes a healthy female body. Strong is the new skinny.

A strong physique can mean a number of different things including: building stamina for long runs or bike rides; building some muscle up in the gym; or even simply being able to hold a “Warrior Three” pose during a strenuous hot yoga class. 

The reality is that achieving any of these outstanding fitness goals does not provide a size zero figure. Quads and calves start to tone up and grow when training for a triathlon. And whether you sit on the thicker or thinner end of the silhouette spectrum, it is essentially a strong core that is needed to complete an effective yoga practice. 

Unfortunately, the response to an even slightly muscular female has often been one of disgust. There are plenty of men hitting the weights at the gym. What is it about a woman who has (even a little bit of) muscle that is difficult for people to appreciate?

The media has a history of glorifying the look of the skinny female. On magazine covers and movie posters, the leading lady is often one who looks as thin as a matchstick. It seems fragile and unrealistic.

Maybe the public is simply unaccustomed to seeing healthy, strong, and muscular women portrayed in a glamorous light. Unless they are in the spotlight of a boot camp DVD, muscular females are assumed to be professional athletes or tomboys.

Essentially, the media has royally screwed up the world’s perception of a healthy body. Creating the illusion that beautiful, sexy bodies are found in skinny couture models is inaccurate.

Healthy is all about a clean diet and getting in effective and regular workouts. Most of us possess bodies that are not designed to strut as skin and bones.

So ladies, forget about trying to look like the girl in the Chanel ad. Be proud of your body and do what you need to do maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Celebrate your strengths, and strive to get stronger.

Skinny is out. Strong, healthy women are sexy as ever.

Don’t believe me? Ask a girl who squats.