Big companies need to take their hands off the Internet

State Hornet

With the current attempt to destroy net neutrality through paid prioritization, multi-million dollar corporations are once again trying to find another way to grip onto some more power.

Net neutrality needs to be protected not only to prevent corporations from stepping up even higher on the ladder while pushing the rest further down, but to protect the principles of freedom of expression, openness, innovation and privacy to all Americans.

People are currently able to equally connect to the internet through lanes that are owned by companies such as AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and Time Warner. Although as owners, these companies are not allowed to touch those internet lanes.

Today, the internet works in a way to be set equal, regardless if you’re living off paycheck to paycheck or a millionaire living on some fancy estate in the Hamptons.

Now these major phone and internet companies are trying to lock down certain parts of the web to create a new lane and have the much smaller companies pay them tolls, which will slow down the internet for everyone who cannot afford to pay for faster service.

Nice try corporations. Although this may seem like a smart idea for them, can net discrimination be any more obvious? This would be another example on how the poorer Americans continue to be oppressed.

If a law allowing paid prioritization is enacted, it would just be an added item to this country’s never-ending list of inequalities.

This would threaten the prosperity of this country, in terms that instead of working on the inequality issue, it would only continue to push for it.

When will there be progress and when will this country face the issue of social inequalities?

Aside from having the smaller companies pay hefty fees for faster service, it would work as a way to block certain sites in delivering messages they may not agree with-as if interfering with freedom of speech is another issue we should deal with in modern day America.

We live in a country where our freedom of speech is praised. Having equal and accessible internet serves as a platform for Americans to be allowed to state what they wish, but taking that right away, violates that freedom this country is “so proud of having.”

What is freedom of speech when you have the elite trying to control what Americans do and say?

These companies and its CEOs are a fraction of those who hold majority of the wealth in this country, and for them to think charging tolls will give them even more control, clearly shows the social inequalities and how the privilege will continue to use their power to better benefit the rich and to be superior than the rest.

Lets face it, this is a class issue as the wealthy will have no problem paying that extra money to have better services, but how about the majority of America?

We live in one of the most unequal countries in the world. Although many Americans will deny it, it is real and this paid prioritization should make it clear how the rich are getting the best, faster internet lanes, while the rest could hope for such services.

In other words, what paid prioritization is saying is the rich have more advantages and the poorer are stuck with what is at the bottom.

While the elite can have the pleasure of making even more money, the economically disadvantaged will lose their right to equal access.

Not everyone-and I mean most of the American population-can afford these extra fees for a service that first off should be the same for all.