Sac State police arrest two alleged burglars

Sean Keister

Two men were arrested Wednesday in a Sacramento State parking lot on suspicion of burglary.

They also face the charges of possession of stolen property and possession of burglar’s tools.

Daniel A. Flores, 21, and Julian R. Corona, 19, were apprehended early this morning and booked into the Sacramento County Jail.

Police arrested them while they were going through property that was reportedly stolen in a car burglary.

Police Corporal Scott Christian said the officers were on routine patrol when they came across the two suspects in a vehicle going through purses.  

Christian said students can prevent a crime like this from happening to them by not leaving items such as laptops, books and backpacks in plain view inside of their vehicle. 

“It only takes a second,” Christian said. “‘Smash and grab’ is one of the most common types of burglary we see, where someone smashes the victim’s window and takes whatever they see as valuable inside.” 

Christian said students need to be aware of their surroundings when walking around campus. 

“If students see anyone on campus that looks suspicious, especially in the parking structures, they should call campus police immediately,” he said.