Miscommunication the cause of strain between police chief and union

Timothy Sandoval

Tensions between the Sacramento State police union and the chief of police cooled today after a closed-door meeting between Police Chief Daniel Davis and union head Jeff Solomon.

In early January, Sac State members of the Statewide University Police Association passed at 14-1 vote of no confidence against Davis. Union members also passed a resolution in May, stating an “immediate change in the direction of the police department leadership” was needed.

Solomon said that most of the conflicts over the last few months have been due to miscommunication.

“The last few months have been a road bump,” Solomon said. “But communication failure has played a result in recent events.”

The SUPA also took out a full-page ad in The State Hornet at the beginning of the semester warning Sac State students that crime was “out of control” due to eight reported sexual assaults last semester and the 2009 murder of Sac State student Scott Hawkins.

Though not mentioning Davis’ name, the ad mentioned to a “200% Increase in Police Management while Decreasing Officers on Patrol.”

But Solomon had positive things to say about the chief today after the meeting.

“The chief was overwhelmingly supportive and concerned,” Solomon said. “I saw that he has a commitment to safety and we are very excited to continue meetings and talks.”

The meeting lasted two and half hours, and both parties agreed not to talk about specifics of the meeting, according to Solomon.

But Solomon said that the meeting touched on issues such as adequate patrol staffing, morale, and police equipment issues.

Solomon said that more specifics will be provided to The State Hornet as further meetings take place between he and Davis.

Davis could not immediately be reached for comment.

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