Audit finds Gonzalez’s kitchen renovations not for ‘charitable purposes’

Timothy Sandoval

Renovations made to Sacramento State President Alexander Gonzalez’s kitchen, paid for by the university’s charitable auxiliary organization, were not made for charitable purposes, according to an audit by Attorney General Jerry Brown’s office.

The audit, completed on July 1, looked into three transactions made by University Enterprises Inc., Sac State’s non-profit auxiliary organization. Two of the transactions &- a 2003 home loan paid to Gonzalez upon taking the position of president, and a controversial 2007 purchase of a former CalSTRS building &- were found to be in compliance with the law and were made “for the benefit of Sacramento State University.”

However, a 2005 purchase from UEI of a new range and hood for Gonzalez’s kitchen stove were found to “inure to the benefit of a private individual (President Gonzalez), and therefore was not a transaction that fell within UEI’s charitable purposes.”

The audit noted that 35 university-related events had been held at Gonzalez’s house. It also noted the range and hood were installed to comply with the Health and Safety Code for safe preparation and handling while hosting university-related events.

Still, the audit found the purchase “created an appearance of impropriety which UEI had a duty to avoid.”

The Attorney General’s Office recommended UEI avoid similar actions in the future, but would not look into the matter any further.

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