Cougar’s new den

Two of the eight bartenders at Social serve up drinks for the grand opening of downtown nightclub.:


Two of the eight bartenders at Social serve up drinks for the grand opening of downtown nightclub.:

Mikhail Chernyavsky

She stood six feet tall in her heels. Her clothes revealed the figure of a model, but she had to have been 30 at least, if not older. It was difficult to tell with the dark lighting, and the ivy cap cast even more of a shadow on her face. Our encounter was kind of random, really.

We bumped into each other out on the patio and she made the first move. We began discussing the new club. Then, after only a few minutes, she asked what I was drinking and took me to the bar. After waiting for 15 minutes for one of the eight bartenders, we were taking shots of Patrón.

From the looks of the club, I wasn’t the only one who was pounced on by a cougar at the latest addition to the downtown Sacramento nightlife, Social Nightclub.

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Social is a simple open room with the bar set in the middle of the club like an island. A golden light illuminates the bar, while the walls alter between multiple colors, including red and blue. VIP booths lined one corner of the room. At the opposite end is the open patio where clubbers can enjoy some fresh air or a good old-fashioned smoke with their drinks.

Social advertises a patio with a stunning view. The club over looks K Street, across from The Crest Theatre. Anyone who has walked down K Street at night knows that you won’t see anything stunning; it may be surprising but not stunning.

It is an almost surreal experience when entering the club. You walk up a cold, dark stairwell – like one in a classic ’50s style film noir. However, as soon as you set foot in the club itself, you jump decades forward.

Inside, Social had a very fictitious vibe to it. I felt as if I walked onto the set of Fuse TV’s “Keys to the VIP” or VH1’s reality show “The Pick Up Artist.” At any moment, I thought Mystery was going to approach me with his giant, furry, makeshift top hat. But, with all those cougars running free, my game did not have to be spot on in order to out play most of the old geezers hunting after them.

Now, not all the women were older. Most of the young women could be seen on the screens along the wall of the VIP section. These monitors displayed girls from the women’s restroom.

The restroom has a screen and camera set up by the sinks. After the girls get done powdering their noses, they can take a snapshot of themselves to show off to the whole club. This makes for the cheesy opening line, “Didn’t I see you on TV?”

If that does not work, you can always hit the dance floor. Perhaps the older demographic there would explain why most people were barely moving on the dance floor inside. Regardless of the age, it can be easily distracting when trying to dance to anything with poor sound quality.

By no means was the sound atrocious; but, when I pay a high cover charge ($15) to any kind of club, I expect great sound quality. The acoustics need some improvement inside the club. The music comes out a bit muffled, as if it is an adult from a “Peanuts” cartoon. To really feed your ear buds, the acoustics on the open patio give the music a fuller and richer sound that make it easier to enjoy yourself.

If you are a big drinker, enjoying yourself may be a challenge. Like any nightclub, it is expected that the drinks will be on the much more pricier side. You are paying to drink in that atmosphere. However, I am not paying to drink poor drinks.

For nine dollars each, my friend and I got Long Island ice teas. The price was expected; what I did not expect was to receive a drink that was mostly pre-mixed and weak. If I am going to pay that much for a drink, I would at the very least like to feel the alcohol. My suggestion is to simply buy a $6 straight shot. This way you will not only get to taste the alcohol, but be able to feel your money’s worth later.

Social is definitely marketed for a high clientele and is for the professionals of Sacramento. As I was leaving my cougar, she did not ask for my number but for a business card.

Like any club, you have a good say when it comes to enjoying the place. Social is off to a good start. However, don’t expect to be surrounded by a bunch of frat boys and sorority girls.

Mikhail Chernyavsky can be reached at [email protected]