Body hair trends arise from adult films

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky:

Mikhail Chernyavsky

It is very rare to find things that stay consistent over the span of time, especially when it comes to styles.

It is very easy to see how things have changed. Look at the photos of your parents at your age and you will see the vast difference in clothing styles. Compare bands like Led Zeppelin and Queen to bands of today like The Killers and Justin Timberlake. And yes, even the pornographic industry will show us a change in trends.

What kind of insight could porn films offer us? Well, besides the captivating storylines, unbelievable acting, and breath-taking stars, porn reflects our pubic society. Dare I say it goes as far as influencing our society?

When you look like me, you have to like porn; and when you have seen as much porn as I have, then you will see the change in trends, too. From the beginning of porn all the way up to the 1970s, women were all natural in the pubic region. In the 1980s, that trend evolved, and women began to “trim the hedges.” Then, porn stars like Heather Hunter came along in the 1990s and changed the trim to a tidy patch. Now, in the 2000s, you see that this new generation of girls has gotten rid of the patch and gone back to their pre-pubescent days by shaving it all off.

I say that porn influences our pubic society because this is the trend I hear from most guys, like Steven Resendes, a senior accounting major.

“(The vagina area) should be trimmed,” he said. “It has to be tamed.”

A comedian friend of mine has a joke about dating a girl who had a 1970s look. He dated her because he liked her ’70s look; he broke up with her because he hated her ’70s bush. No matter how beautiful the house is, if the lawn looks like a jungle, the property will decrease in value.

Ashleigh Novis, a junior communications major, was nice enough not to mace me when I asked about her vagina. She said that shaving is really just for presentation.

“I’ll do it if I am wearing a bathing suit,” she said.

Otherwise, she said that it is not really convenient, and she will keep it natural.

“Who cares what it looks like if no one is going to see it?” Novis said.

The same, however, can’t be said for leg and armpit hair. Guys like criminal justice sophomore Monty Lal do not like hair on there.

“It has to be sleek, smooth, and silky,” he said.

Although when it comes to arm hair, Lal is a little looser on the matter.

“As long as you can’t tell (the arm hair) is on there, then it’s OK,” he said.

Novis said that she prefers to shave her arm hair. If it is not for looks, then it is simply for a purely hygienic reason.

According to an article published in 2004 by, body hair is there to help our love life.

“Your body produces scents, called pheromones, that are designed to make you sexually attractive to others,” the article states.

That pubic hair of ours captures and spreads those scents. Now, this may hold true to some people, but I do not ever remember smelling someone and being instantly attracted to them. Chewbacca could smell like a freshly blossomed garden planted by God himself, but I know that I could never be attracted to anything that hairy.

When it comes down to the core, the only thing that really matters is that you are happy with your body hair decisions. On the other hand, for your sake, I hope your significant other agrees with your choices.

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