Singles can have great time on the day of love

Mikhail Chernyavsky

There are days when life throws not-so-subtle hints in people’s faces. Walking down the aisle of a Wal-Mart, I noticed a young man looking through a wall of Valentine bears. At that moment, I realized that once again I am single on Valentine’s Day and am not obligated to waste any money.

There are many reasons for being alone on Valentine’s Day. Freshman Jordan Toth said he knows a thing about love. Being a chemistry major helps. He will be spending Valentine’s Day alone because his girlfriend of four months is spending the semester in England. Nevertheless, this did not stop Toth from showing his affection. As does any whipped man of this era, Toth sent his girlfriend the stereotypical box of candy and flowers.

Whether you can help it or not it’s time to face the music: You are stuck alone on Valentine’s Day once again. Ladies, that is not a good reason to stay at home and eat a tub of Ben & Jerry’s while watching Doctor Zhivago or Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Guys, this is no reason to get drunk and attempt to call ex-girlfriends. Now you may be wondering, “What then can I do while alone on Valentine’s Day?”

First, realize that Valentine’s Day is on Wednesday. That’s right, it is during the middle of the workweek. Senior film major Ashley Tapia said, “I will be working; however, everyone who will be working with me is my Valentine.” The average person works until about 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. So, at this point, there is no need to worry about Valentine’s Day. By the time you get home and get ready, it is going to be too late to go out to dinner.

For those people who will not be working, there are a few options of things to do. If you are the melancholy type of person then being alone on a day like this is not a good idea, but nevertheless, it happens.

“I will be masturbating with my tears as lubricant,” said undeclared sophomore Eric Neufeld.

For those who have not given up on happy endings, go to the movie theater. The theater is always open, and at $9 a ticket you will certainly pay more attention to the movie than the couples sitting around you.

If a live performance is what you crave, then Laughs Unlimited Comedy Club is the place to be. Laughs will be having a special Valentine’s Day show starring Kermit Apio. This can be a great way to forget that you are alone, or at least to have a laugh about it.

Maybe you aren’t alone on Valentine’s Day. Maybe you just don’t buy into the commercialism of the holiday, like junior communication studies major, Heather Takemori. Takemori hosts an annual “F*** Valentine’s Day Party.”

“The party gives the opportunity to give single people a chance to partake in the holiday.” There are couples at the party but the party is meant to celebrate the love of friends,” Takemori said.

Brittany Russell, an undeclared freshman, said she sees Valentine’s Day as a “symbol of any type of love.”

Is that the true meaning of Valentine’s Day? Is it more than bears, cand, and flowers? Is it a day of love, not solely for lovers, but for people who love each other as friends, brothers and sisters?Or maybe Toth is right, “It is a perverted holiday with a naked baby.”

Mikhail Chernyavsky can be reached at [email protected]