Refresh your playlist with these 10 songs this spring

A top ten recommendation list of songs you need to listen to this spring


Madelaine Church

Here are 10 songs you need to listen to this spring. From timeless classics from “Here Comes The Sun” to modern hits such as “The Spins” by Mac Miller. This is a playlist everyone can enjoy! (Graphic and photo: Madelaine Church)

Madelaine Church

The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Have you made a playlist for this spring? 

Music is the key to having a fantastic spring. These suggested songs are on a spectrum of great classic tracks to modern trends. Many of these songs convey a deep understanding of overcoming difficult times and spreading positivity to make for a great spring.

Here are the top 10 songs you need to listen to this spring!

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I Can See Clearly Now’- Johnny Nash

Sacramento has encountered crazy storms since January. As the weather clears up, this song can help lift your spirits! 

“I Can See Clearly Now” is the national anthem for anyone needing an optimistic outlook. Nash’s positivity is captivating for anyone struggling, and the cheerful, upbeat hit has transformed people’s perspective on resilience and overcoming difficult times.   

The Spins’- Mac Miller

Mac Miller released this toe-tapping song from 2010, sampled from Empire of the Sun’s ”Half Mast.Having “the spins” refers to the sensation of the room appearing to spin when someone has consumed both alcohol and cannabis.

“The Spins,” and the experience Miller expresses, is a perfect listen to ease the tensions of life and get into the spring mindset.

Every Summertime’- NIKI

Are you dreaming about summer romance? “Every Summertime” by NIKI tells the heartwarming story of two people falling in love during the summertime. 

While summer is one more season away, the classic elements of R&B and soul will transform you into a different time and place. 

Here Comes The Sun’- The Beatles

This classic feel-good song by The Beatles brings hope to those struggling with a rough time. It was released in 1969 and has a timeless effect on every listener. 

We all have suffered through the long, cold winter. Storms don’t last forever, and good change will come along. Go outside and absorb the sun as it shines on you!

Mr. Blue Sky’- Electric Light Orchestra

Let’s get ready to rock ’n’ roll this spring, Hornets! This electric rock song from 1977 will get you pumped for the spring. 

You can’t resist the feeling of the groove and dance! I recommend you listen to this song as we roll into spring!

After The Storm’ (feat. Tyler, The Creator & Bootsy Collins)- Kali Uchis

Are you in your healing era? “After The Storm” is a catchy R&B/Soul/Pop song and is an aid to those who are in need of peace. 

 After listening to this splice of funk, you will feel uplifted to overcome any challenge. 

Silver Springs’- Fleetwood Mac

Are you going through a breakup? This song is about Stevie Nicks’ breakup with her fellow bandmate Lindsey Buckingham. This once inseparable couple unfortunately never got their fairy tale ending. 

Listening to this song can help aid your broken heart. So grab some comfort food and listen to this song. 

Better things are ahead as the weather clears up and the flowers bloom. It gets better, I promise. 

Flowers In Your Hair’- The Lumineers

In 2012, a song by The Lumineers conveyed the universal story of young love. This song is about the innocence we carry when we’re young and experiencing love for the first time. It carries the lesson that we grow and gain wisdom as time passes. 

Listening to “Flowers In Your Hair” will transport listeners back in time. It gives a feeling of nostalgia for having a childhood crush.

Keep Your Head Up Now’- Andy Grammer 

Everyone around in the early 2010s knows this song! It has been there for us for the best and worst of times. “Keep Your Head Up” is a pop-rock song released in 2010. I feel my inner teenager coming back to life every time I crank this song on.

This uplifting song is also about going through a rough time and overcoming it. Didn’t times when we were kids seem easier and happier? I feel most songs back then were full of optimism and hope for the future. 

Give this song a listen if you want to help you get through this difficult time. 

Lovely Day’- Bill Withers

Wanna have a lovely day? This upbeat R&B track from 1977 is the best way to start your spring with its optimism and romance that will lift you off your feet. 

This song is about looking into your lover’s eyes and predicting having a lovely day with them.

For all my hopeless romantics out there, this is a classic song to listen to this spring. As the flowers blossom, your romance can also blossom with this song. 

That’s A Wrap! Final Thoughts…

Spring is about new beginnings. It’s time to welcome recent changes in your life that can help you grow and blossom. It’s also the season to start fresh, especially with your playlist. 

At the end of the day, it is essential to be open-minded and expand your horizons!