If you ain’t got no money take your OneCard out

Wave that ‘glamorous’ student ID around and get ready to save.


Chris Woodard

Hornets can take advantage of unique discounts offered to students. The university’s OneCard and email are the keys to unlocking these deals. (Created in Canva by Chris Woodard)

Chris Woodard

You don’t have to be rich like Fergie to enjoy the ‘flossy’ things in life.

College students are often lacking time, mental stability and money. To help counter that distress, Sac State students get to flex that OneCard taking up space in their wallets.

“Student” may not be the most luxurious title, but that status does entitle students to a few deals that will not make them cringe when accessing their bank app. 

From recreational lifestyle bargains to local deals, The State Hornet compiled a list of student discounts to be aware of:

The walking-distance discount

This discount is for people who do not like their food to touch. Located near campus on 65th Street, Bento Box offers a 10% discount to students. 

The Japanese word “bento” means a compartmentalized to-go box for a meal. As the origins of the name suggest, Bento Box offers quick, accessible and well-portioned meals perfect for lunch.

Bento Box provides a student discount at all of their locations. 

Friday de-stressor

Few things are as stress relieving as the loud crash you hear after sending a heavy ball rolling into a bunch of loud pins.

Students can drive about 15 minutes to Capitol Bowl and enjoy the student special every Friday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

During these hours, students can display their embarrassing campus ID photos and enjoy $4 games and $2 shoe rentals – about 50% off.

The “I miss my Mom” discount

Those who skipped town to join the swarm may get a bit homesick at times and a quick weekend back home should not break the bank.

Fortunately, Amtrak offers a 15% discount for college students ages 17 to 24.

The only time you aim for bronze

R U Tan Pavilions boasts a discount exclusive to Sac State students. Students can waltz in with their OneCard and get their first tan free.

Additionally, students get 20% off all packages and lotions– including 15% off spray tanning. R U Tan Pavilions is about two miles from campus.

The “too lazy to put on shoes” discount

Love them or hate them– the infamous footwear company, Crocs, is student-friendly.

Slide those feet into the comfortable, flexible and often colorful pair of Crocs with a 25% off discount from their online retailer. This deal requires validation from StudentBeans.

Honorable Mentions

Football fanatics can access the NFL Sunday Ticket app for $120 or four monthly payments of $29.99 for the NFL season.

Students that want to eat healthier but cannot cook can get easy-to-follow meal kits from HelloFresh for 15% off for 52 weeks. UNiDAYS provides this deal and many more.

The Crocker Art Museum offers $5 off the admission price for students, making the new total $10.

Additionally, students can attend the Van Gogh Immersive Experience in Sacramento at the discounted price of $26.90, about $8 off the original price. 

“I recommend the Hulu discount,” second-year business major Julia Markey said of the streaming platform’s ad-supported $ 1.99-a-month plan for students.