BREAKING: Police search for suspect following two reports of sexual assault

Sac State police say suspect is connected to two separate incidents


Kamelia Varasteh and Tierra Tilby

Two reports of sexual assault on and off-campus were reported to the Sacramento State Police Department within the past two weeks, according to a press release sent to students Thursday, Oct. 6 at 6:30 p.m. 

The Sacramento State Police Department said they received a sexual assault report  Sept. 23, 2022, which they say occurred off campus. On Thursday, Oct. 5, campus police said they received a report of a second sexual assault that occurred on campus, but they did not specify when this incident occurred. However, they did say that it was ‘several weeks ago.’

The Sacramento State Police Department announced on Oct. 6, 2022, that they are searching for a suspect who they believe is connected to two separate sexual assault reports. These incidents were reported to be on and off campus and police say he is not currently enrolled at the university, though he might be using facilities. (Photo courtesy of the Sacramento State Police Department)

Campus police announced Thursday, Oct. 6 that they are searching for a suspect believed to be connected to the two cases of sexual assault. 

According to the Sac State Police Department, the suspect is a white male and is around 22 years old. He has brown eyes, and brown hair appears to be 6 feet tall and weighs around 175 pounds. Campus police say he goes by the name “Zayn.” 

According to the release, the suspect met both victims on campus and identified himself as a Sac State student. Police said he is not currently enrolled at the university but may have been using campus facilities.  Sac State campus police say he might also be “affiliated with  San Jose State.” 

Anyone with information pertaining to the investigation or to report incidents of violence is encouraged to contact local law enforcement and campus police. The Sac State Police Department can be reached at (916) 278-6000.