Horror films galore: THE FANATIC FULCRUM

Graphic created in Canva.

Alex Muegge

Graphic created in Canva.

Alex Muegge and Ayaana Williams

Welcome to the Halloween special of “The Fanatic Fulcrum.” This podcast was made exclusively for fans to express themselves.

Oftentimes in journalism a source might be a professional in a field. CNN interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci about COVID-19 and Tony Hawk about skateboarding, but what if a doctor is also an authority on “Game of Thrones” or cosplaying? How might they scratch that itch?

Answer: The Fanatic Fulcrum.

Hosted by Alex Muegge, this episode focuses exclusively on horror films and Muegge interviews film enthusiast and YouTuber Zo Crawford and The State Hornet’s visuals editor Ayaana Williams. 

Crawford and Williams both attended San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, California and received respective associate’s degrees in radio and television. From there, Crawford started his YouTube channel with Williams making the edits. 

In this episode they discuss a plethora of horror films starting from “Halloween”’ (1978), “Scream” (1996),“The Conjuring” (2013) and Stephen King’s “It” (2017). If it came out roughly in the last 40 years, they probably discussed it. 

Crawford’s channel can be found here.

Williams’ most recent work can be found at statehornet.com

Music: Theme by Jackson Stafford.