Back on-campus: A guide to navigating Sac State

Where to find some of Sac State’s most notable buildings and resources


Erick Salgado

New and returning students may feel overwhelmed coming back to campus for the first time in 18 months. The State Hornet has created a guide and virtual map to assist students in navigating important landmarks around campus. Graphic created in Canva.

Michael Pacheco and Erick Salgado

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After 18 months of virtual learning, many new and returning Sac State students have not yet taken a tour or explored campus extensively, so The State Hornet has made a guide to help those students find out where important buildings, amenities and other locations are based on their proximity to major parking structures.


Parking Structure V

The front of Sacramento State’s Parking Structure V on Sept. 1. This structure is located next to several important areas on campus, such as Financial Aid or the Athletics department. (Michael Pacheco)


Near Parking Structure V off of Arboretum Way is the Welcome Center and University Transportation & Parking Services (UTAPS), where students can get a parking permit if they commute to campus and pay an issued citation.

On the other side of the structure, next to the outdoor parking lot, is the Athletics Center.  Here intercollegiate sports operate as well as housing the Hornet Ticket Office.

From the Athletics Center, across Bay Laurel Way, is Yosemite Hall, which is where the north and south gymnasiums, athletics programs and Army ROTC is located. Behind Yosemite Hall, past the Peak Adventures “challenge center,” is the soccer field.

The building in front of Yosemite Hall’s entrance is Lassen Hall, where many different services are available for students to use, such as Financial Aid, Peer and Academic Resource Center (PARC), Academic Advising and many others.

The set of colored buildings to the right of the UTAPS office off of State University Drive is the American River Courtyard. This is where the residence halls, university housing services, a conference office, the dining commons and market is located.

Parking Structure I

The front of Sacramento State’s Parking Structure I on Sept. 1. It is located next to the tennis courts and Capistrano Hall. (Michael Pacheco)


Parking Structure I is located on the corner of College Town Drive and Sinclair Road to the right of the soccer field and tennis courts. If you continue strolling past the entrance of the structure towards The WELL, you’ll end up at the baseball field.

The first hall in front of the parking structure is Capistrano Hall, which houses the various music programs and performing groups such as choir, jazz, concert, symphonic and marching bands.

Parking Structure II

Parking Structure II can be accessed from either State University Drive or Jed Smith Drive.

The building that has a Subway attached on the outside of the entrance to the parking structure is the Hornet Bookstore. Students are able to purchase or rent their books for classes, access to a Wells Fargo teller and purchase laptop computers and other school supplies.

If you were to walk down the path alongside the pink trees outside the parking structure, you would end up at the Children’s Center. Student-parents and faculty can receive child care for their children while on campus.

The building facing the bookstore is the University Union, which houses meeting rooms, auditoriums, restaurants and recreational rooms. The Union is also home to recreational activities, events and KSSU radio.

When you walk up the ramp that’s in front of “The Store ” from the University Union entrance,  you will arrive at the University Library and Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC). Students can access computer labs and visit the IRT service desk in the AIRC and rent out books and laptops at the library. 

The entrance to the Academic Information Resource Center (AIRC) at Sacramento State on Sept.1. Students are able to rent books and laptops and use computer labs here (Michael Pacheco)

Parking Structure III

Parking Structure III is located on  the south end of campus amidst Stadium Drive, White Poplar Way and Callery Pear Way.

To the right of the parking structure entrance and Callery Pear Way is the location of the Public Safety Office and where the Sacramento State Police Department is located.

The front of the Sacramento State Police Department on Sept. 1. This is located toward the southern end of campus next to Parking Structure III.

To the west, across Stadium Drive, is The WELL. Students have access to a two-story gym, Student Health and Counseling services and recreational activities such as intramural sports. These sports include a “3v3” soccer league, a “2v2” volleyball tournament and video game tournaments. 

The State Hornet hopes this guide helps all students navigate their way around campus with ease this fall semester.