NEWS PODCAST: Sac State introduces foreign students to American culture and education


Khala Clarke

Iyo Chen, a political science major and transfer student from Japan, performed a song from “Mamma Mia!” at this year’s Sac State’s Got Talent Show. Chen spoke with The State Hornet about why she came to Sac State and difference in culture between here and her home in Japan.

Regina Reddick and Will Coburn

Iyo Chen, a political science major, had her sights on coming to America. Advertisements in Japan made America alluring and she tested well in her English comprehension to make her a good candidate for a foreign exchange student application.

Now she talks about her experiences at Sac State with reporter Regina Reddick, the process she went through to get here, singing at the Sac State talent show, favorite American things and what American educational practices she would like to have in Japan.


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