SPORTS PODCAST: Chatting with Sac State volleyball setter Ashtin Olin


Will Coburn - The State Hornet

Sophomore Setter Ashtin Olin in the podcast booth with State Hornet volleyball beat writer Robyn Dobson. Olin was awarded Big Sky Volleyball offensive player of the week this month.

Robyn Dobson, Will Coburn, and Shaun Holkko

Listen to Hornet volleyball team setter Ashtin Olin explain her role on the team, her adventures traveling and how Motley Crue amps her up before games.

Olin said she wasn’t excited the first time she was assigned the role of the setter.

“I hated it for the first couple of games because I didn’t feel like I’d get that same rush when you get a really good kill,” Olin said. “Then I remember setting the ball for one of the hitters and she got a really good kill off of it and I had that same feel that I got when I got a kill. That moment was when I fell in love with setting.”

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