Sac State study abroad program increases travel options

Short term trips are being added to hopefully increase the amount of students that can study abroad


Eric Bauer - CC BY 2.0

The skyline of Perth in Western Australia. Australia is currently a part of the Sac State study abroad program.

Storm Ray, news editor

The study abroad program at Sacramento State will revive the short-term options for students to earn credits while traveling during academic breaks.

These “faculty-led” short-term travel options are created to give students the opportunity to have the experience to study in another country. With the expansion of these programs, organizers plan to make them accessible to all students.

Despite being discontinued for the past few years, Sac State has had a long history with these programs as they are meant to expand the overall number of students who travel abroad.

A total of 134 students took part in all travel abroad programs in 2018 and  40 students are expected to take part in the three short-term travel programs this year.

The College of Continuing Education will oversee the first trip on Jan. 6 -19, led by history Professor Jeffrey Dym in a visit to Matsuyama, Japan.

The Japan trip has been around for nearly five years but is now being taken over by the College of Continuing Education with faculty-led programs.

Although these programs can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000, there are travel grants that can be awarded to students in need as well as the possibility for use of financial aid.

There was a total of $15,000 in grants awarded in 2018 with money coming from private donors through the Treis Study Abroad Scholarship and President’s Circle.

More information on Sac State’s travel abroad program can be found here.