Email phishing scams sent to Sac State community

Bitcoin extortion and bomb threat scam infiltrates Sac State emails


Storm Ray -The State Hornet

Recent phishing emails have infiltrated the email inboxes of the Sac State community. These emails have included gift card scams, Bitcoin demands and bomb threats.

Storm Ray, news editor

Emails demanding $20,000 in bitcoin as ransom for not deleting a bomb were confirmed to have been part of a cyber attack in a SacSend email sent on Friday, Dec. 14.

As of yet, there has been no credible evidence found to support the legitimacy of these threats, according to the email.

Members of the Sac State community have been receiving emails containing a gift card scam over the past week. The Sac State Police Department views this as a phishing attack that was a robo-email sent out to other institutions and businesses.

The IRT Information Security Office Team offers the following advice to keep the campus safe from any more of these types of attacks:

Remember that this is not a bomb threat

Refrain from opening any links or attachments in any of these emails

Report any and all threats to the Sacramento State University Police Department at 916-278-6000.

Delete the message

Forward any suspicious emails to [email protected]