Parking Structure V completion delayed again with contract expiring April 5

May 8 earliest day it will open


Thomas Frey - The State Hornet

The completion of Parking Structure V has been delayed after it was projected by University Transportation and Parking Services Senior Director Tony Lucas that the structure would be completed by March 26. The contract with contractor Clark Pacific expires April 5.

Thomas Frey and Robby Sanchez

The completion of Parking Structure V, which will house 1,750 parking spaces, has been delayed until at least May 8, according to Sacramento State.

“Basically all they have to do is pour concrete and asphalt, stripe and signage — all those signs have to placed,” said Tania Nunez, a project manager in facilities management.

The project, which was originally supposed to open at the beginning of this semester, had been projected to be completed in March after a delay. Tony Lucas, the senior director of University Transportation and Parking Services, reaffirmed that timeframe on Feb. 19 when he projected the structure to be open March 26.  Now, the earliest it will open is the last day of instruction.

Nunez said that each time it rains, not only does that mean most of the remaining work cannot be done, but the next day the crew has to clean up the mess from the rain.

The school currently has a contract with Clark Pacific through April 5, according to Nunez. Nunez said negotiations with Clark Pacific will begin soon to continue the work if the work is not completed by the deadline.

A likely outcome from the negotiations would be that the school would pay $5,500 for every extra day that is needed to complete the project, according to Nunez.

When asked if she thinks the project will be unfinished when the contract runs out, Nunez said, “I think it probably will.”

With another delay, Nunez said she will have to look more into the cause of why the structure has taken so long to complete after being projected to be finished in time for the spring semester.

Nunez said she will look at the amount of days it was projected to rain, how many extra days it actually rained, and take those numbers into the negotiation room.

Nunez will look to turn each extra day that construction could not happen because of weather into an extra day that can be tacked on to the deadline.

“How much did that rain affect the work that is supposed to take place?” Nunez said. “Weather days for the contract is non-compensatory.”

The plan was to open the new structure, then close Ramona Lot. But even with the new structure not opening, Ramona Lot was still closed.

Ramona Lot has 985 parking spaces and reached 700 to 750 cars in the fall, according to Lucas.

“We made the decision to close the Ramona Lot and honor all the Ramona permits on campus in student spaces,” Lucas said.

With the Ramona Lot closed, there will be even more traffic on campus and less spots, something students have noticed. Senior criminal justice major Lucas Gomes said he tries to avoid coming to campus whenever necessary because of the parking issue.

“You have to come super early to even try to find parking,” Gomes said. “Between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. it’s a nightmare. You don’t even want to drive.”

Once it opens, there will be three entrances to Parking Structure V along with three electronic boards displaying how many parking spots for each type of pass is available.

The first floor will consist of faculty and clean air vehicle spots and 50 electric vehicle charging stations. Faculty parking will also be included on the second floor.

Lucas said that the 50 electric vehicle charging stations are there per state law in the California Building Code.

The third and fourth floor, the ramp to the fifth floor and half of the fifth floor will all be reserved for general student parking.

Residence Hall parking will be reserved for half of the fifth floor and all of the sixth.