Construction update: Parking Structure V slated for completion in March


Thomas Frey - The State Hornet

Following delays to the project, Parking Structure V is projected to open in March. An adjacent University Transportation and Parking Services (UTAPS) welcome center will move from Folsom Hall and open for the fall 2019 semester.

Thomas Frey, news editor

For at least the first two months of school this semester, Parking Structure V will remain under construction. The construction was delayed last semester and is now projected to be completed in March according to Tania Nunez, an administrator in facilities management.

The parking structure began construction at the end of the Spring 2017 semester and was originally going to open at the beginning of this semester.

Contractor Clark Pacific is contracted through mid-to-late April, according to Nunez, who anticipates the project being done before the contract expires.

“A lot depends on weather cooperating with us,” Nunez said. “You need good weather to pour concrete so we are hoping that weather stays at bay and they can get that finished up. We don’t have an exact date set yet.”

Next to Parking Structure V will be a welcome center which is projected to begin construction this fall and be open for the fall 2019 semester.

University Transportation and Parking Services (UTAPS) will move to the welcome center from Folsom Hall, which is about a mile from campus.

“Instead of being all the way over in Folsom, they will now be here on campus which will make it a lot easier for students, faculty and staff to get parking permits and deal with citations and things like that,” Nunez said.

The building will be where campus tours will begin, where visitors can get general information about the campus, and where the university will hold press conferences, according to Nunez.

Nunez said that the construction at the University Union is projected to end either in October or November. She said that Science II is still on track to open on time for the Fall 2019 semester.

The Union will open up with a new third floor that will include conference spaces and more spots to study, eat and get coffee.

While construction goes on at the University Union and Science II, the walkway between them on Jed Smith Drive that led students to walk quickly from The Hornet Bookstore to Santa Clara Hall will remain closed until at least the end of this semester, according to Nunez.

“We were trying to keep the pathway open and we just determined that it is to dangerous to send pedestrians into a construction site,” Nunez said. “We just decided that would be really dangerous (to keep it open) and not a smart thing to do, so we just closed it off entirely.”

She said that once the Union is close to being completed, the pathway may be opened up again.