Parking Structure V stays on schedule as new pillars added


Raul Hernandez - The State Hornet

Pillars for the new Parking Structure V are shown to the media at Sacramento State, Sept. 20.

Raul Hernandez

The University Transportation and Parking Services opened the space of the under construction-Parking Structure V up to media to view the newly installed pillars Wednesday.

The new six-story parking structure will be located in the corner of State University Drive and Arboretum Way to store up to 1,750 vehicles at the north-end of campus as soon as next semester.

It is being built by Clark Pacific was designed by Dreyfus and Blackford Architecture.

The goal behind the parking structure was to “focus on people such as students and faculty and not just storage for cars,” said Jason Silva, design principal for Dreyfus and Blackford.  

Silva said it took awhile to design the $42 million structure’s layout so the parking structure will fit well on Sac State’s campus.

The new structure will have a trees-and-leaves theme — where the leaves will be made from metal — to go along with Sac State’s status as a “tree campus.”

“The pattern of the (metal) fins are painted in different colors of green in reference to the leaves in Sac State,” Silva said.

Pre-Construction Manager at Clark Pacific Erik Winje said that deadlines are being followed carefully and the only difficulty that he thinks may happen is the involvement of different agencies since workloads are divided differently.

Clark Pacific had made 1,274 precast components off-site in Woodland, allowing the process to decrease manpower.

Donald Clark, president and owner of Clark Pacific, said that the construction is “40 percent faster than normal parking schedule construction and being able to save a semester off the project is a big deal.”

With all the complaints about parking on campus, Rachelle Brown, a Clark Pacific employee, said she believes Parking Structure V will be a huge benefit.

“We all know we need more parking,” Brown said. “Student body has been growing, and we haven’t come up with new ways to get us parking, so this is going to have a huge impact.”

The structure is slated to open spring 2018.