Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday

Elizabeth DeCicco

One decade ago, a Harvard sophomore and aspiring computer programmer conceived what would be known as Facebook in his college dorm room.

Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg said in his Facebook post honoring the anniversary that he eventually hoped he would connect not only an academic community, but also communities worldwide.

On college campuses, Facebook has helped promote events and advertise, especially among Greek circles, said Jessica Salvato, a sophomore recreation, parks and tourism administration major.

It also has facilitated connecting with high school friends who live far distances away, said ethnic studies major Mallory Ramey, 22.

Facebook has helped with marketing and allowed others to know another’s personality without meeting them.

“It shows how much fun you’re having,” said government major Marco Andrade, 23.

Some college students may also regard the social media phenomenon as placing a negative impact on our social interactions.

“It has been socially deconstructing us. Communicating with the person next to you is harder because they’re always busy,” said Jerad Williams, senior health science major.