These grilled cheese roll ups will definitely melt in your mouth

Place the cheese on the bread and carefully roll your grilled cheese.

Place the cheese on the bread and carefully roll your grilled cheese.

Jane Park

Grilled cheese is an American classic that can be served in numerous ways other than the typical sandwich.

These grilled cheese roll ups are fun and easy to make and will keep you wanting more.

According to, the sandwich was named after John Montagu, an 18th century English aristocrat and inventor of the sandwich. He invented it because eating sandwiches allowed him to play cards or cribbage more easily without getting his hands dirty from eating meat.

I remember during my childhood, my mother would make grilled cheese sandwiches. Instead of pan frying them, she would use a sandwich press to create triangle sandwiches and always served them with a cold glass of milk.

This recipe uses whole grain bread, but feel free to substitute any type of bread you like. I like using whole grain bread because according to, “A diet rich in whole grains may also help steer you around cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, even gum disease – not to mention the pain of having to buy bigger pants.”

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Grilled Cheese Rolls:

6 slices of crustless whole grain bread

6 slices of Kraft American cheese

1 teaspoon butter

First, slice the crusts off the bread and then flatten each slice with a rolling pin. Afterwards, top each slice of bread with a single slice of cheese. I like using Kraft American cheese because it melts a lot better than generic cheese brands and it’s very creamy when melted.

Next, roll up the slices of bread with the cheese slices and then place them in a buttered pan to cook seam-side down for five minutes. By placing them seam-side down in the pan, the roll ups stay in place during the cooking process.

Finally, remove the cheese rolls and enjoy them with a side or marinara sauce or your favorite tomato soup.

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