Cost of parking permits scheduled to increase

Sean Keister

The University Transportation and Parking Services announced today that the cost of parking permits for students, managers and administrators will increase.

Effective July 1, 2011, the cost of permits will increase by 2 percent. Student semester permits will now cost $159 per semester and residence hall student permits will cost $206 per semester.

The monthly cost for managers will be $46 per month and other administrator permits will increase by 2 percent from their current rate.

Permit costs for faculty and staff are set by their respective bargaining unit contracts.

The parking fee plan implemented in spring 2009 dictates that a 2 percent increase for managers, administrators and students occurs annually.

Revenue from permit sales will be used to offset cost increases for maintenance and for the operation of campus parking areas.

Gina Lombardo, UTAPS director of administration, said the increase is normal.

“There are certain expenses related to parking operations and maintenance that increase on a regular basis, such as employee benefits, gasoline, cost of supplies and equipment, and construction materials,” Lombardo said. “The 2 percent increase helps to offset these increases.”

In addition to the change in parking fees, UTAPS announced several construction updates for summer 2011.

Paving projects for Parking Lot 1 (North of Sacramento Hall) and Parking Lot 2 (East of Del Norte and Shasta Halls) will be in effect for a temporary period of time.

UTAPS said these projects will be completed in phases in order to minimize disruption of access to parking facilities. Specific dates will be announced by Faculties Services as they are scheduled.

Parking Structures II, III and IV (Folsom Hall), as well as Lots 10 and 11, will be closed May 27 to Aug. 22.

UTAPS said closing several parking facilities is intended to save energy during the off-peak periods.