‘X-Play’ host Morgan Webb visits Sacramento State

Mike Suechting

Morgan Webb, the star of the G4 television series “X-Play,” spoke about her show, how students and alumnini could land a job in the world of video games and gaming in the Hinde Auditorium on Wednesday.

Webb and her co-host, Adam Sessler, have television’s most-watched gaming show, which airs weekdays at 3:30 p.m. and throws a comedian’s edge on video game reviews, previews, tips, tricks, interviews and information on video games and video game platforms.

“‘X-Play’ is a really good show because it helps me decide what games I want to buy or rent,” said senior Beau Roy, who is an avid gamer. “Plus, Morgan Webb is hot!”

In 2000, Webb graduated from UC Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in rhetoric and went to work for a dot-com company as website administrator. Since childhood, Webb had a special interest in video games and she developed her computer skills in her spare time.

Webb’s television appearances began as a young child where she appeared on several commercials and after losing her job after nine months to the dot-com bubble burst of 2000, Webb went back to TV.

“A friend who worked at the dot-com company with me, her name was Kat Schwartz, called me and she’s like “Hey, a company that I just got hired at called tech TV is hiring for a position and you should totally apply,” Webb said.

After completely redoing her resume, she was hired and started working on a show called “The Screen Savers” and left in 2003 to co-host “X-Play.” In 2004, during massive layoffs due to the merger of G4 and Tech TV, Webb and “X-Play” survived.

Webb said after graduating, the job market was dismal and related it with the current market. She said if you have a portfolio, show that you have initiative, have a sample of your work, and be willing to move your application will stand out.

“You could not imagine how many people are like, “I love video games. I want to work with video games. Video games are the best.’ Everybody loves video games video games are awesome,” Webb said. “You would be shocked to find out how many people apply with no portfolio or nothing.”

After giving some background information about her self, “X-Play,” and the video game job market, the forum at Sacramento State was basically a question-and-answer session. People asked about segments of the show, people she works with and her favorite video games.

“I always avoid saying “my favorite game is…’ Just like it’s hard for you to say what’s your favorite move or what’s your favorite album, you know different moods make me want to play different games,” Webb said.

There was an opportunity for students to take a photo with Webb and get her autograph on a free T-shirt that was passed out at the entrance.

“I never really wanted to work in the TV industry,” Webb said. “If I did not do “X-Play’ anymore I would probably work in video game journalism in some other fashion.”

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