Students dive in with Adult Swim

Freshman psychology majors Mandy Perucchi and Kailey Kokridge trying to hit the Go Fish bullseye at Adult Swims fair at Serna Plaza Tuesday.:Claire Padgett


Freshman psychology majors Mandy Perucchi and Kailey Kokridge trying to hit the “Go Fish” bullseye at Adult Swim’s fair at Serna Plaza Tuesday.:Claire Padgett

Amanda Pollard

Complete with some classic carnival games with a twist The William Street County Fair visited Sacramento State’s campus Tuesday.

Presented by Adult Swim, a subsidiary of the Cartoon Network, the event took place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Serna Plaza.

The most eye-catching spectacle upon passing the carnival is the horde of people crowding around the free t-shirt stand. Students were allowed to pick a t-shirt out of a barrel, choose from eight different designs and wait while their t-shirt is made.

Some bizarre games also dotted the lawn. A plywood cutout of a cow allowed students to perfect their milking skills. Students lined up for a chance to squat down and milk the artificial utters in order to receive a ribbon, much like those handed out at other “county fairs.”

Senior Psychology major Jamie Hunt received a ribbon from milking the cow and said events of this kind are important to the campus community.

“It takes off stress, I just finished a test and this is the perfect place to go,” Hunt said.

At the “test your strength” game participants were given a hammer and instructed to swing it as hard as possible in an attempt to cause a round mallet to hit a bell. Prizes were handed out to those who hit the bell, and even those who didn’t.

Post baccalaureate biology and science major Richard Hernandez attended the fair because he saw flyers around campus and thinks its important to have these events to give students something to do.

“We have academics on campus and we’ll always have that but it’s important to allow students to have some fun outlets. I had three hours to kill so why not,” Hernandez said.

The fair was also home to the “T-Mobil Sidekick Museum of Naturally Unnatural Things” which was a game show in which students used sidekicks to answer multiple-choice questions.

The fair was brought to Sac State by Unique, a volunteer group that brings entertainment to campus. Coordinator of Leadership Education, Karlos Santos-Coy visited the fair and said it’s promising that Sac State was approached by Adult Swim.

“It’s something fun for students to do. What’s good is that a nationally touring show recognized Sac State as a good University to visit. It reminds students there is always stuff going on around campus,” Santos-Coy said.

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