Music professor to run for CFA president

Greg Kane

Music Professor Jim Chopyak will likely run unopposed in the Sacramento State faculty union?s presidential election April 26.

The current vice president of the California Faculty Association?s Sacramento chapter, Chopyak is not expected to run into any competition in the election, said outgoing President Jeff Lustig.

“He?s earned it,” Lustig said. “I don?t think anyone is going to run against him.”

Chopyak served as vice president throughout the nearly yearlong contract standoff between the CFA and the Chancellor?s Office that ended in March. Union members recently approved a new contract by more than 95 percent.

Lustig announced April 3 that he would not seek re-election as CFA president.

Chopyak said he wants to continue the work he and Lustig did in the five years they worked together, and the best way to do that is by assuming the presidency.

“I think some sense of continuity would make sense right now,” Chopyak said. “Jeff and I have worked very closely on a number of issues, and I think it would be logical to run.”

Lustig, a Government professor, said he?s leaving his position to focus on research and writing. Though he plans to remain active in the organization, he said the time spent working towards a new contract has taken its toll.

“The last five years have really been grueling, and I think we made progress,” Lustig said.

Chopyak said his experience with Lustig, who has been politically active since the 1960s, would help his increased leadership role if elected.

“It?s been a big plus to have someone with that kind of background,” Chopyak said. “If we weren?t able to work together, I don?t think I would have been able to stick it out.”

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