ASI looks at changes in application process following controversy

Greg Kane

Associated Students, Inc. is looking into making changes to its committee application process following an ongoing debate over several committee appointments made over the summer.

At its Sept. 11 meeting, ASI Director of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Luke Wood questioned a number of appointments, saying they were not advertised to the student body and should be re-opened. The appointments, which included members of the Dollars for Organizations and Student Education and Leadership committee, were eventually accepted.

ASI Vice President of University Affairs Calvin Davis said that since that meeting, Wood has worked with other board members as well as Sac State administration to find ways to better advertise its positions.

However, Davis and others stand behind the contested selections, saying the positions needed to be filled during the summer so work could be done to start the semester.

“The access needs to be there for the students, but at the same time, we need to get the work done during the summer,” Davis said.

ASI Director of Arts and Letters J.J. Hurley agreed that it was necessary to make the appointments during the summer, but added that if a way to make those positions more available to students was found, he?d be all for it.

“I definitely think (Wood) had a good point,” Hurley said. “I think some good change is going to happen.”

ASI President Artemio Pimentel said the organization?s goal is to involve students more in student government, and serving on a committee is a good way to accomplish that.

“One of my biggest worries is to lose touch with our students,” Pimentel said. “You can only be out there so much, and that?s the reality of it.”