Faculty Senate nominates candidates

Greg Kane

The Sacramento State Faculty Senate held the first of two meetings for its 2001-02 session April 26, nominating candidates for its committee chair positions.

Senate members were required to nominate candidates for the following positions: Senate Chair, Vice Chair, four Standing Committee Chairs (Academic Policies (APC), Curriculum Policies (CPC), Faculty Policies (FPC) and General Education Policies/ Graduation Requirements (GEP/GRC) and three at-large executive committee members. The nominations for all but the executive committee were opened and closed at the meeting, and positions will be chosen at its second meeting, May 10.

Most of the positions saw only one candidate being nominated. Current Senate Chair Bob Buckley was nominated to serve another term by senate member Joan Bauerly, who said the leadership qualities he?s exhibited over the past few years show he is the best candidate for the position.

“I would like to note his graceful and assured way of running senate and executive committee meetings,” Bauerly said. “He sets a tone for even a rambunctious member like myself to keep the peace.”

For Vice Chair, senate member Peter Lund nominated Management professor Art Jensen, saying, “I think most would agree he?s a valuable asset, so I highly recommend him.”Members of three of the four standing committees each nominated a candidate of their own, and two of those went unchallenged by the senate: Geography professor Tom Krabacher (APC, current chair) and Sociology professor Tom Kando (CPC, current chair). The FPC, whose current chair, Sylvia Navari, chose not to run, didn?t nominate a candidate, so senate member Bonnie Raingruber nominated Nursing professor Louise Timmer.

“She?s very much a faculty advocate,” Raingruber said.

The GEP/GRC nominated Social Sciences professor Dick Kornweibel for its chair position, but Jensen also nominated Biological Sciences professor Mary Ann Reihman, saying she has already been serving as chair of that committee and should continue to do so. A candidate will be chosen at the May 10 meeting.

Three candidates were chosen for the three executive committee positions: Bauerly, Raingruber and Bilingual Education professor Harold Murai. Nominations for these positions weren?t closed, however, and more candidates may emerge during the second meeting.