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Self-care habits should be promoted, not feared

Self-care habits should be promoted, not feared

State Hornet Staff

March 10, 2016

College campuses produce a multi-layered lifestyle where coursework, employment and personal obligations intertwine, often in conflicting manners. As a result, students are often forced into decisions in which one aspect of life will suffer while tending to another.Many of us have responsibilities that...

Sac State holds forum for the position of the Executive Director of University Initiatives and Student Success

Cheyenne Jayne

December 3, 2015

Two candidates are currently running for the Executive Director of University Initiatives and Student Success at Sacramento State. Interviews were conducted on Monday, Nov. 30. Both candidates had an opportunity to do a campus forum and talk about what they plan to do as executive director. The...

Columbia student carries a mattress as a symbol of her alleged rape

State Hornet Staff

September 16, 2014

Emma Sulkowicz, a 21-year-old senior at Columbia University, said she was raped on the first day of her sophomore year by a classmate. She has pledged to carry her dorm room mattress around campus every day as part of her senior thesis or until her alleged rapist is either expelled from the university or...

Implementation of designated bike lanes will greatly improve pedestrian and biker safety

State Hornet Staff

April 1, 2014

Sacramento State’s campus is not exactly the most bike-friendly CSU campus, but some changes in policy may greatly improve this issue. As of 2007, a university policy prohibited students from using wheeled devices on main walkways, ramps, etc. as well as stairs and parking areas. The problem with this...

Updated plumbing on campus promotes water conservation

State Hornet Staff

March 11, 2014

A government grant is partially funding Sacramento State’s toilet renovation to help the campus reduce water usage by 20 percent.Facility Operations Director Daryn Ockey said a grant from Proposition 50, which provides money for public water systems, is giving $150 per fixture to help Sac State’s ...

College newspapers are a vital part of campus life and worth the funding

State Hornet Staff

March 6, 2014

A student newspaper is a vital part of campus life, providing breaking news as well as student spotlights. But it also provides an opportunity for students to gain legitimate journalism experience while learning to write, edit, design, photograph, manage and report. The loss of a college publication woul...

Throwback Valentine’s Day Playlist

Throwback Valentine's Day Playlist

McClatchy Tribune

February 12, 2014

Throwback Valentine’s Day PlaylistArtist: Faith HillSong: “The Way You Love Me”Released: 2000Artist: Lauryn HillSong: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”Released: 1998Artist: SelenaSong: “I Could Fall In Love”Released: 1995Artist: Michael JacksonSong: “The Way You Make Me Feel”Released: 1987Artist: Goo...

Dining Commons caters to students food and budget needs

State Hornet Staff

October 29, 2013

The Dining Commons is the cheapest place on campus to get food, if you sign up for a plan. There are no meal prepaid meal plans that end up costing more than $2.74 a meal, and it’s always all you can eat. It doesn’t matter whether you live on campus or off, are a student, a faculty member or on staff the...

Increased funding for Community Service Officers make students feel safer

Maikalina Madali

October 23, 2013

The Community Service Officers program of the Sacramento State University Police Department has grown substantially since its inception and plans to expand further after receiving university funding of about $100,000.Funding was awarded to the program through the Instructionally Related Activities grant and the Administ...

Hungry students need later food options

State Hornet Staff

October 22, 2013

The food services at Sacramento State close too early at night considering some students are in class until 10 p.m. and many stay on campus through the night. In fact, Burger King, Round Table and the Courtyard Market, which is attached to the American River Courtyard, are the only food services open past ...

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