Sacramento State women’s tennis newcomer gleams in first season

Freshman Maddy Ferreros was named Big Sky conference tennis co player-of the week for Sac State the first time since 2020.


Anh Nguyen

Maddy Ferreros stands in front of the Sac State tennis court after finishing her training on April 20, 2022. She was named the Big Sky Conference women’s tennis co-player of the week on April 5, 2022.

Anh Nguyen

In elementary school, Maddy Ferreros got up early in the morning like usual, went out, and hit against the tennis ball machine at Cal Poly University with her mom in the hopes that if she hit a certain amount of balls her mom would buy her ice cream. 

They competed against each other and her mom would always rally back and forth with her and win. Soon enough, though, the tables turned and Ferreros eventually got good enough to beat the woman who she said inspired her to play. 

Growing up in Nipomo, California, the Sacramento State freshman has shared her love of playing tennis with her parents since she was five. She started playing tournaments at eight years old as her mom fostered her interest in the sport. 

Ferreros earned her first career honor and the first honor for a Hornet women’s tennis player since 2020 when she was named the Big Sky Conference women’s tennis co-player of the week in April.

“I have always wanted to be on a team,” Ferreros said. “Now I am living the dream, and I absolutely love my teammates. They pushed me every day to be better.”

Her hometown coach, Korey Kolb, has worked with Ferreros since she was eight years old. Kolb said he knew he was a lucky man to have the honor of training her. 

“[In] her first lesson with me, we made 100 shots in a row, ” Kolb said. 

Kolb described Ferreros as a determined and disciplined person. He said they had multiple lessons a week, spent thousands of hours on court, put in relentless effort, and trained incredibly hard together. Kolb said he remembers Ferreros as being modest, humble, and having a knack for self-deprecating humor.  

Kolb said he expects Ferreros to become a stand-out player on Sac State’s team and that what she put herself through is going to pay off for her soon since he knows very few people are capable of doing what she did. 

Right before Ferreros came to college, she injured her wrist and was not able to play tournaments until it healed. She said it was devastating because she had to do physical therapy but she was able to focus more on school and be more involved in clubs as a result. 

“It was hard not being able to play tournaments and not playing the game I love,” she said. “Mentally it was definitely a struggle, but luckily I had my family and they were able to support me.” 

Ferreros said her dad would always encourage her when she struggled mentally or physically by saying that no obstacle was too small and that she is a warrior and can do anything. 

To help her focus and release all her anxiety before a game, Ferreros said she meditates for around 10 minutes and listens to her coach do a pep talk. In these talks, the coach tries to remind her and her teammates that they have all the skill and talent in the world no matter what happens.

“I am able to swing through my shots and be aggressive and do what I am supposed to do and what I have done in practice,” Ferreros said. “Being fearless is probably [the best advice that] stayed true to help me not only in tennis [but also in] my education and my social life.”

Ferreros said she had around 22 to 24 games in total this semester alone and has had a lot of fun traveling with the team and competing against some of the toughest teams in the country. She played three out of four tournaments last semester. 

Sophie Breault, women’s tennis head coach, said Ferreros is a fighter and an aggressive and consistent tennis player who runs for every ball. 

“Maddy is a hard worker, an amazing teammate, a great, humble, and kind girl and a little bit shy,” Breault said. “She doesn’t know how good she is,”

Breault said Ferreros is still trying to find her playing style and because she is a very disciplined person, Breault believes Ferreros will be very successful in her life.

“Even though she is so young, I think her future is pretty bright and I am very excited to have her on my team,” Breault said.