SPORTS PODCAST: Catching up with Andre Lindsey and Dre Terrell


Will Coburn

Sac State alumni and former football players Dre Terrell and Andre Lindsey in the studio for the State Hornet Sports Podcast. Lindsey and Terrell reflected on their favorite memories at Sac State and their former team’s recent rise in the Big Sky Conference.

Shaun Holkko and Will Coburn

Sports editor Shaun Holkko catches up with recent Sac State graduates and former football players Andre Lindsey and Dre Terrell to hear their reactions to the Sac State football team’s rise in the Big Sky this season. Last season, the Sac State football team placed last in the league and replaced their head coach after the season’s end. Things are looking brighter this season and we wanted to get their responses to the new coach and their perspective on how their old friends have grown as a team since they left.


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