Softball player Suzy Brookshire voted Sac State’s ‘Best Female Athlete’


Robyn Dobson

Just weeks after Sacramento State junior softball player Suzy Brookshire set the program record with her 36th career home run, she was voted “Best Female Athlete” in the State Hornet’s third annual Best of Sac State poll.

Brookshire currently leads Sac State’s softball program in all-time home runs (39) and slugging percentage (.706). She also ranks second in RBIs (112), fourth in total bases (291), fifth in on-base percentage (.417), runs scored (107) and sixth in batting average (.340).

Despite a slower statistical start to the season than she would have liked, Brookshire has remained positive in her abilities.

“I still have confidence in myself and my team,” Brookshire said. “Seeing the athleticism and my team work together excites me the most and motivates me.”

Brookshire has been breaking records since her freshman year. By the end of her first season, she had set the program single season home run record with 15 home runs.

Brookshire would go on the break that record her sophomore season with 18 homers.

“She came on her freshman year as a bang and really made a name for herself within the Division I softball community,” said head coach Lori Perez. “She became a threat for any pitcher throwing to her. They know she is somebody in our lineup to be careful with.”

Brookshire is constantly focusing on finding her pitch, long before she steps up to the plate. A team player, Brookshire said she works on how she can be help for the team during every at bat.

“I want to continue to be a versatile player because you pose more of a threat,” Brookshire said. “They don’t know what kind of pitches to throw to you.”

Perez said that when most in the softball community hear Brookshire’s name, they just want to hear about her offensive record, but her defensive skills on the field are something to be commended as well.

For most of her career, Brookshire played in the infield. When she started with the Hornets, Perez placed her in left field.

“She has really done a phenomenal job defensively,” said Perez. “She has really developed great. She’s not afraid to play big and go after balls that some players may shy away from. That’s really what sets her apart, that hunger to wanna really play at a high level every day and push herself.”

Perez, while seemingly unsurprised at the poll results, emphasized how big of a team player Brookshire is, and how she is always playing for the benefit of the team. However, Perez said she is excited for her player, wanting her to enjoy the recognition.

“She’s really the real deal,” Perez said. “Some players are talented and they have they have the skill set, but maybe they don’t have real true work ethic and passion for it as a whole on and off the field. Suzy has that.”