Taco Bell voted ‘Best Off-Campus Eatery’

Students praise the popular food chain for its various options

Nijzel Dotson

Sacramento State students voted Taco Bell as the best off-campus eatery in The State Hornet’s annual Best Of Sac State survey.

While it isn’t the most glamorous option, Taco Bell’s convenient location and inexpensive prices  have made it a go-to spot for Sac State students. Some may be caught off guard by this year’s selection, but Sac State student Justin Mickle isn’t.

“I’m not surprised at all,” Mickle said. “It’s something you’re familiar with, comfortable with and it’s open 24 hours.”

Mickle said his order of choice is the chicken quesadilla.

Jasmine Owens, a Sac State student that used to work at Taco Bell, pointed out that one thing that sets it apart from other fast-food chains is the way they cater to vegans and vegetarians.

“I’m a vegetarian and they have a menu specifically for that and there’s actually good options,” Owens said. “If you go to McDonald’s or In-N-Out there’s really only a few things you can order.”

Owens added that Taco Bell’s dollar menu is great and her favorite thing to get is the triple layer nachos.