Sac State Pi Kappa Alpha chapter no longer under investigation

2018 video of vomiting pledge was beginning of temporary removal from university recognition

Margherita Beale and Kameron Schmid

Sacramento State’s Pi Kappa Alpha chapter is no longer under investigation after university officials discovered the video sent to The State Hornet Tuesday was part of a previous investigation.

The video, sent by an anonymous email address, was at the center of an investigation into Pi Kappa Alpha that started in January 2018.

The fraternity was placed on probation and after later violating terms of that probation, the university officially removed recognition from Pi Kappa Alpha in August 2018, Sac State’s Director of News and Communications Brian Blomster said in a statement Wednesday.

The decisions came from Sac State’s Office of Student Organizations & Leadership, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Pi Kappa Alpha’s national headquarters.

“In December 2018, based on PKA’s progress toward meeting the terms set by the IFC and internal membership review, IFC reinstated recognition of PKA. The University recognized the fraternity again in January 2019,” the statement said.

Pi Kappa Alpha is scheduled to remain on probation until May 31.

The video shows what is said to be a pledging member of Pi Kappa Alpha vomiting from excessive drinking during a house party within the first weeks of the spring 2018 semester.

The anonymous email sender wrote that the vomiting pledge “appeared to have a seizure” and did not receive proper medical attention that night.

This email came from a different anonymous sender than the previous two emails sent to The State Hornet, Sac State officials and The Sacramento Bee. These emails alleged misconduct among all Greek organizations, attaching one photo and one video of what the sender claimed to be hazing by Sac State’s chapter of the Delta Chi fraternity.

As a result, Delta Chi was ordered to cease and desist all activities while it is currently being investigated, with no specific end date in sight, according to Beth Lesen, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students at Sac State.

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The university said anyone with information on hazing or other dangerous behaviors should report them directly to Nicki Croly, director of Student Organizations & Leadership at (916) 278-6595 or [email protected].

Sacramento State is investigating the university’s Delta Chi chapter after an anonymous tip detailed the fraternity’s alleged hazing practices. Have you or someone you know experienced hazing? Let us know in the survey below.