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Should we accept sex, violence, and crude language as normal?

Brandie Maguire

July 10, 2015

Sex and violence are becoming more acceptable in our media-intensive culture.Most nightly news stations report on at least one murder or death every program. On Facebook, there is an abundance of celebrity news focused on people who are captured cursing or mocking traditional values.As a society, our ...

Sex feels gender-biased among women

Johanna Pugh

November 17, 2014

For some college students, sex and contraception can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss.It is personal; talking about sex can reveal information about a person that they do not want shared with the public.For women in particular, openly conversing about sex and using contraceptives can be deemed inappropriate w...

Mills College makes history

Alexis Atwood

September 11, 2014

Mills College, an all-women’s college in Oakland, has let history walk through its front doors as it is the first of the 119 single-sex colleges in the country to ever consider accepting transgender people.The school will be the only college allowing applicants to choose their gender as long as that choice...

Male privilege is becoming more obvious

Male privilege is becoming more obvious

State Hornet Staff

May 14, 2014

People like to throw around the word “privilege” in regards to race and status, but many ignore the blatant male privilege happening every day. Privilege is when a group of people, not an individual, receives conscious or unconscious benefits based purely on a demographic trait or characteristic...

New club at Sacramento State spreads sexual awareness

Kathleen Pizzo

September 18, 2013

Choice USA is a new club at Sacramento State that focuses on reproductive awareness and comprehensive sex education.Brought to Sac State earlier this year by Mackenzie Buchanan, Choice USA values embracing sexuality as a positive and healthy component of human development and envisions a world where al...

Workplace romance is a recipe for chaos

Ashley Jung

April 10, 2013

People say dating someone at work is as bad an idea as riding a bike without a helmet, or running with scissors.The thing is, they give this advice out of habit rather than experience. But I have the experience, and I’m here to tell you – they’re right.I’ve found romance at most of the jobs ...

To cut or not to cut: does circumcision matter?

Ashley Jung

March 20, 2013

Length and girth are no longer the main categories in determining the performance of a penis; let me introduce you to a new one: circumcision. Circumcision was believed to prevent penile infection or disease, but a study done by the American Academy of Pediatricians found no absolute medical need fo...

Body image can affect your sex life

Ashley Jung

February 27, 2013

In 2011, Glamour magazine challenged women to count how many times they had a negative thought about their bodies during a day; 97 percent said they had at least one “I hate my body” every day. We live in a time when society tells us what is attractive, but people need to realize what society sees a...

BDSM: Where dungeons can be sexy and pain is a good thing

Ashley Jung

February 20, 2013

The mood is set: lights are dim, candles are lit and the champagne has been flowing. You are lying on the bed, waiting for your lover to return when, to your surprise, he or she pulls out some handcuffs. You’re feeling adventurous so you let them lock you in. He or she asks if they can flog you…you hav...

How to break the news of bad sex

Ashley Jung

February 13, 2013

The hardest thing to tackle in a relationship, whether it’s something new or has been progressing for years, is what to do if your partner is bad in bed. Normally, I’m the type of person who says what she feels and would yawn in someone’s face if they were boring. But, I have experienced uncomfor...

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