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Andrew Castro overcomes stage fright, gains fans from coast to coast

Local singer-songwriter Andrew Castro will perform at Sac State as part of UNIQUE Programs' Nooner concert series on Wednesday. (Courtesy of Andrew Castro)

Edrian Pamintuan

October 18, 2016

A man who has suffered from a myriad of obstacles such as stage fright, anxiety, and ruptured vocal chords has grown into a performer whose fan base extends from coast to coast. This man is local singer-songwriter Andrew Castro, who will bring his unique blend of pop, folk and deeply personal lyric...

WATCH: Student-rapper dares to be different

Communication studies major and hip-hop artist Matthew

Harold Williams Jr.

October 13, 2016

"I'm going to do something different because people are afraid to be different," said senior communication studies major Mathew Osivwemu, better known by friends and local hip-hop fans as Oke Junior. Oke, which means "gift" in the Nigerian language of Warri, recently releases a new mixtape entitled ...

City of Trees Brass Band brings New Orleans funky jazz to Nooner concert

Vu Chau

May 5, 2016

Sacramento State felt like the streets of New Orleans for 50 minutes on Wednesday afternoon when second-line jazz group City of Trees Brass Band was invited to perform at the last Nooner concert of the spring semester. Formerly known as the Brasstronauts, City of Trees Brass band was formed by Hillier in 2013 and...

Live Manikins magnetizes audience with its unique hip-hop style

Members of the local hip-hop group Live Manikins after their concert at the Nooner in the University Union Redwood Room on Wednesday, March 30.

Vu Chau

March 30, 2016

When this week’s Nooner performers began their set today, the audience did not even fill half of the size of the University Union Redwood Room. However, by the end of their first song, the crowd began to pour in as the band continued on with their rap performance. That was the kind of magnet...

Hip-hop and rap genre: a cultural revolution

Daniel Magalit

October 9, 2014

Hip-hop and rap today is not the same as yesteryear’s. The differences in hip-hop today and hip-hop then, is most discernible in lyrical content, the production of sounds and possibly in the lack of understanding of the culture and its history.Hip-hop and its five elements are prominent in today’s m...

Sac Modern adopts diverse dance styles

Jasmine Alston

October 1, 2014

“Five, Six, Seven, Eight...Boom, boom, ba, boom, boom, ba…”From pique turns to isolations, Sacramento’s own dance group discreetly prepares for the Public Display 8 showcase in Sacramento State’s Yosemite hall.The practices consist of instructing the choreography and working on cleaning up f...

Indie rock band Bell Boys bring relaxing beats to a stressed-out student body

Isabel Ward

April 17, 2013

Mixing a number of musical genres, The Bell Boys band performed for a Sacramento State crowd who was more than willing to receive the up-beat rhythmic sound. Meshing Indie Rock, Honest Pop, Hip Hop and Funk, the three Bell brothers energetically displayed their talent on stage. Band member Erik Bell ...

Degrading songs hurt women

Elizabeth Ramirez

October 10, 2012

When we hear a Pitbull, Snoop Dogg or Kanye West song blasting on the radio, we might think of them as musicians with ground-breaking music. These artists have songs everyone can dance to until they have blisters on their feet. However, some might just hear the beat of the song but without listening t...

Kanye West’s new album leaves much to be desired

Christopher Lopez

September 26, 2012

Let me set the record straight before anyone reads any further. This is not a full solo release by Kanye West, but rather a collaboration featuring several artists from G.O.O.D. Music and other labels. Kanye appears on a little over half of the 12 tracks. Artists such as Nicki Minaj, Ghostface Killah, R....

Group fitness provides healthy fun

Chanel Saidi

February 29, 2012

Many students find themselves going to the gym as a chore, like folding the laundry. A group fitness class can be the remedy to the gym blues and help students get a kick-start for a summer-ready body. Having a set class time helps motivate people to get to the gym and workout harder. Among the mess of papers, ...